Thats what we've been doing.  Hence me not updating this site.  buta lot has been happening.  New stuff is always coming out of this joint.  I should have named this post.


But that's not realistic.  Unless you make it your ridiculous reality.  Wurlitzer 200a, Doric Combo, Teenage engineering OP-1, Omnichord om27.  I gotta stop.  Got a 1920's Steinway Upright.  See you next time.  Come make a record.

MIds, Blitzer, Wolves, Castles

Just got the masters back for the next Soft Pyramids record.  Nick Z at New Alliance East made it sound exactly how I wanted it to.  I bought him a bottle of scotch so hopefully he'll get the sequence that I sent him back to me by tomorrow.  Ill kill him if not.  Everyone should get their shit mastered at New Alliance East.

More shit.  Foam Castles are recording a bunch of thing here for their new record.  Actually the mixes came up pretty fast while we tracked overdubs.  This hit record will be done in no time if I know Tyler Jackson like I do.  Check out that band.

And... Been working on some new Wolf Blitzer Synth heavy movers.  Coming at you when they tell me it's done.  HAHAHAH

Oh and today I was doing some recording for Salem Wolves upcoming full length.  I should probably be working on that.

Ill stop typing and get back to working on all these hit records.  I'm definitely not drinking cocktails out of a Poland Spring bottle right now.  I swear.



Earth Heart and CAPI vp26!!!

Recently I got to try out my new CAPI vp26 (API clone) mic pres on sessions with Earth Heart.  I just got the masters sent over from Nick Z at New Alliance East Mastering and they sound fantastic.  Check out the wildness in the Audio section.  I just built 2 more vp26s.  Much more punch coming at you from The Napoleon Complex.

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